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A&P Mechanic

Qualified candidates MUST have a current A&P (Airframe & Powerplant License from the FAA).

Responsible for the recovery, departure, towing, and general servicing of aircraft (includes but is not limited to refuel and defuel, oxygen, potable water, lavatories, engine oils, tires, aircraft towing, etc.) Verify all associated paperwork pertaining to aircraft maintenance is properly documented. Must have the ability to research aircraft maintenance manuals for related task to be accomplished and comprehend associated material, tow aircraft in and out of hangar, and to perform preventative maintenance tasks.

Aircraft Structure/Sheet Metal Technicians

Perform aircraft structural assembly and modifications to include, but not limited to, assemble, install, seal, rig, inspect, and complete precision and other structural and system components, working from drawings, documents, process specifications, quality control requirements, and established processes and procedures.

Avionics Technician

Will inspect, test troubleshoot and repair all avionics equipment installed on aircraft such as navigation systems, communications, radar etc. Should be familiar and proficient at wiring system terminations, cleaning and installation adhering to the most up to date mandates and manual guidelines. Should be able to read and interpret wiring diagrams and schematic drawings.


Inspects production activities at designated levels of the aircraft painting process to ensure compliance with approved technical manuals, FAA regulations, and customer requirements. Perform receiving inspection on articles, materials, equipment and supplies to ensure documentation meets repair station certification requirements.

FAA A&P License required and at least 18 months 14 CFR part 121 and/or part 145 experience as a mechanic and/or inspector.

Interiors Lead

Ability to perform all job duties of the Interiors Technician. Leads, supports, and assists assigned team in the installation of aircraft interior components according to specifications and approved standards and procedures.

A&P Lead

Qualified candidates MUST have a current A&P (Airframe & Powerplant License from the FAA).

Supervising A&P Mechanics and overseeing aircraft arrival and departure schedule, properly training mechanics and helpers to perform tasks related to the recovery, departure, towing and general servicing of aircraft, and completion of all paperwork. Responsible for the maintenance of all equipment assigned to the department. Ensure mechanics complete customer and continuing education training.

Avionics Lead

Oversees and controls the accomplishment of avionics system modifications and maintenance functions to provide airworthiness upon completion of assigned tasks to customer specifications and FAA standards, in accordance with the Repair Station Manual. Plans and schedules departmental workloads and supervise operations to maximize the effective utilization of employees, equipment and material/supplies within budgetary, cost, and procedural standards.

Structures Lead Technician

Manage all aspects of the assigned aircraft and project, including coordinating necessary resources, documentation and communication with team member and customers. Inspect, service, repair and troubleshoot aircraft, components, and systems, and perform Quality Inspector tasks as necessary.

Director of Quality Control
Responsible for the overall operation of the Quality Control Department. Assures quality products and processes by establishing and enforcing quality standards and testing materials and products. Establishes quality and reliability standards. Ascertaining that all inspections are properly performed on all completed work and the proper inspection records, reports and forms used by the repair station are properly executed prior to releasing the product for return to service. Maintaining files of completed work orders and inspection forms in such a manner that the file pertaining to a specific item repaired can be readily located for review.
Maintaining a file of pertinent federal aviation regulations, specifications, and airworthiness directives. Determining that all technical data on all articles maintained, repaired, overhauled, or altered by the repair station are secured and kept current with the latest revisions. This data will include repair station process specifications for limited rating specialized services, manufacturer’s overhaul manuals, service bulletins, part specifications, related federal aviation administration approved data and other technical data used by the repair station.

Responsible for operating machine tools and equipment to build or repair precision tools using technical drawing and instructions. Operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to produce metal parts. Will review electronic or written blueprints or specifications for a job and check accuracy of work against blueprints and specifications.

Maintenance Manager

Manages the service, repair, and overall maintenance of aircraft and to verify aircraft are safe for flight and compliant with FAA regulations. Oversees the scheduling and timely completion of repairs and maintenance ensuring budget adherence. Assist with the overall responsibilities of maintenance department. Participate in maintenance planning along with full time maintenance planning support. Maintains aircraft compliance and maintenance records.

Maintenance Supervisor

Responsible for the supervision and coordination of all maintenance functions on shift at the assigned location ensuring these activities are performed in a safe manner in accordance with schedule requirements and in compliance with all established Company, regulatory and manufacturers procedures. Assigns aircraft maintenance technician and related personnel in accordance with requirements to achieve maximum productivity and cost control. Ensures their team has the appropriate resources available and holds them accountable for the work assigned/performed.

Aviation Tool Crib Lead

Responsible for the maintenance and attendance of the tool crib. Will ensure equipment follows standards, maintains a master inventory of tooling issued and received, and verifies that all calibrated items have a calibration sticker. Monitors the calibration of tools and relevant documentation pertaining thereto and maintains tool in proper working condition according to FAA guidelines. Evaluation of damaged tool is performed to determine the disposition of the tool. Ensures the tool room is maintained clean, neat, and organized manner. Follows safety procedures use of appropriate safety equipment for the work being performed. Completes required documentation as mandated per company RSM. Must have minimum 15 years’ experience in aviation.

Engineering Liaison

Will function as the primary focal point on engineering and technical issues. Will represent Engineering in Material Review process. Develop expertise on FAA regulations and regulatory processes. Analyze and write production discrepancies disposition with production and design knowledge and repair methods. Will monitor the schedule of production, orders, specification of manufacturing procedures, and activities.


Performs unskilled manual work to accomplish cleaning tasks on aircraft. Skills proficiency validation is administered and validated at stages within the job progression. Aircraft Cleaner must possess minimum skills proficiency standards as a condition to progress to the level of ‘Mechanic Helper’. Reads and complies with instructions and safety information as necessary for proper and safe completion of assigned work, including but not limited to cleaning aircraft structure (exterior and interior) and components thoroughly, undergoing inspection according to company policy and his/her supervisor’s instructions. Prepares and maintains simple records such as work order documentation, logs, and time and material records, as instructed.